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Our Strategy

How we achieve an ideal fit with your talent needs.

The TradeHelm approach is powerful because it’s founded on a solid understanding of your workplace and the business objectives your team must meet. At the start of the process, we develop a clear picture of:

  • Exactly what it’s like to work inside your organization
  • The pace of work all team members are expected to keep
  • The details of your working environment and the cadence of the business day
  • The management style within the team your new candidates will join
  • The top performers who are thriving on your team right now

The answers become the lens we use to look deeper into each candidate’s unique qualifications. Our goal is to present only those who will achieve a true fit with your existing team.

Our strategic search and evaluation process

For every position you need to fill, we review and screen dozens of potential candidates, looking at several key competencies. Here’s a map of our typical search.

infographic of the Tradehelm evaluation process

From here, candidates are yours to evaluate and hire according to the same process you use with full-time employees. Most clients are so pleased with the talent we bring them that the hiring process is easier and faster than usual, with candidates ready to succeed from Day One.

Custom solutions driven by your needs

TradeHelm talent expands your capabilities while giving you the ability to direct the work and set requirements just as you would with existing staff. Candidates truly become part of your team, communicating clearly and seamlessly with you. We reward them with great pay, benefits and a world-class office environment to assure retention and top productivity.

The TradeHelm approach delivers cost-effective solutions because it responds exclusively to your needs. We don’t maintain a large bench of professionals waiting for assignments; instead, we find you exactly the right people when you need them. This contributes to lower total cost of ownership and assures an ideal match with your requirements.

The benefits of our near-shore approach

In building our talent centers, we’ve chosen specific cities and countries with great care. First, we focus on regions that are rich in technical talent where we know we will find thousands of motivated, well-qualified candidates. Equally important are the IP protection laws in countries where we do business because we understand the value of protecting your company’s data and other assets.

TradeHelm talent works in your time zone. This means your new team members will be ready to meet and take phone calls during your business hours. They will come to you with proven language skills and the initiative to ask questions, develop a clear understanding of requirements and follow your directives.

How we became a trusted source for technical talent.

TradeHelm was born in the trading industry, and the legacy of our success there has created the foundation for what we do today. We were well-known and respected for our ability to create advanced, secure technical solutions for clients across the globe. As we built a core of technical professionals capable of taking on these challenges, we also became known for the quality of our staff. Soon our clients were asking us: how do you find such exceptional people? And can you help us do the same? By 2010, we were building teams for others with a strategy that assures fast onboarding and maximum long-term satisfaction.