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Exciting Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

Technology moves quickly, and TradeHelm is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve with our carefully-selected team of experts. TradeHelm employees enjoy working in an environment of experts, and this helps them improve their own skills along the way.

Why Work With TradeHelm

Excellent compensation and employee benefits

Competitive salaries with annual salary reviews are important no matter where you work. Our teams also receive great benefits including health insurance for single employees and families, English lessons, and online training platforms to improve your technical skills.


“TradeHelm has a great environment and people to work with – We’re able to work in a relaxed manner, even though projects handle critical information and time is of the essence. Projects are very well planned to meet deadlines without rush. It’s also great to have medialunas, fruits, company-sponsored lunch, and a nice view in a great neighborhood!”

– Lucas Magliarelli, Senior Java Developer for CME Group (10 years with the company)


World-class office environment built for your success

Our flexible work environments mean whether working remote or in our offices, you enjoy an environment that inspires your success. After-hours employee events, end of day parties, and company lunches on Fridays allow team members to build bonds that benefit our clients.

“Work environment is one of the top aspects I like from TradeHelm. We work as part of the same team abroad which allows us to better participate in daily videoconferences and calls. Plus, being in direct contact with diverse cultures is great! In some respects, it seems to be a huge family, as we get to know everyone and even reaching the maximum authority if we wanted to propose new ideas.”

– Gabriel Pereiro, Senior Java Developer for CME Group

An agile, collaborative team environment

You learn best from those you work with day-to-day, and TradeHelm is no exception. Our collaborative teams share their skills and always help one another grow professionally. After all, with 85% senior-level employees, who better to help you improve your skills than the person sitting next to you?


“TradeHelm puts employees through a continuous learning and improvement process. The different projects’ dynamism means growth opportunities that are generated all the time, so you’re always working in collaboration with highly skilled people and learning from them. There are always opportunities to propose ideas which later become developments that are used by other users and projects.”

– Agustin Mascheroni, QA Architect for Cision


Open-door communication across the board

Direct and open lines of communication between employees and our management teams are core to your success. All levels of staff are encouraged to engage, discuss, and work side-by-side to create the best client solutions.

“I’ve been a part of the TradeHelm family for more than five years now, working both as a Software Developer and leading a team. Most of our client relationships are long-term; TradeHelm commits to them and at the same time keeps employees happy providing them a great environment to work and form relationships across the company.”

– Sebastian Metta, Lead Java Developer for CME Group

Capabilities you can trust.


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