Our Company

A Superior Resource with Proven Success

Our goal is to pair your business with highly skilled professionals whose outsourcing can hit the ground running, and always be your trusted resource for long-term specialized technical capabilities.

TradeHelm’s origins are in the trading industry, where we
built a core team of excellent technical professionals. Our
reputation soared due to our ability to create advanced,
secure technical solutions for global clients.

Soon, clients asked us: how do you find such exceptional
people? And can you help us do the same? By 2010, we
were using our strategy to help clients streamline new team
member onboarding and achieve maximum long-term

Over the past decade, we optimized software delivery for
clients by aligning our best resources to fit your time zone,
industry knowledge, specialty skills, quality, and cost needs.
Our technical expertise in complex processes spans many
industries, including financial services, healthcare, logistics,
digital media, utilities, and more.

We’re never far from reach; our 300+ employees and
contractors, and full-time recruiting staff successfully
connect your business with the best talent available.

We’re proud to have recently become part of The Acacia Group,
a portfolio of highly capable companies dedicated to
solving their clients most complex technology challenges.
As a result, we’re now bringing our advanced capabilities
to a new community of bluechip commercial clients. Together
with our Acacia colleagues, we’re helping them accelerate
their digital transformation and deliver exceptional
experiences to their customers and employees across the world.

Our time zone is your time zone.


5 Value Points

Time Zone
Our teams work in US and European time zones for optimal collaboration, and we provide a “follow the sun” model for clients in Asia.
Our highly experienced, multilingual talent pool consists of 85% senior-level employees who enhance your software development, quality assurance, and DevOps capacity.
Our clients can save 230% annually compared to traditional onshore contractors. We provide smooth, internally managed recruiting and hiring processes, and your personal dedicated project team.
Our clients stick with us for the long haul. A combination of competitive salaries and stellar recruiting provides you with the best capabilities at budget-friendly rates.
Speed to Market
Our processes allow clients to quickly scale projects with an average time to market reduction rate of 160%. Our experienced teams provide the right solutions at a fast pace.

Our Approach

Start with Listening

The TradeHelm team works with you from the beginning to learn the ins and outs of your business, current processes, team capacity, and goals. This helps us bring you the best resources for the task at hand.

Match the Right People

Our interview process ensures you have the ideal team to get the job done. We start with a detailed screening process and work our way down to the top 3 candidates best suited for your company.

Hit the Ground Running

We sweat the details when it comes to integrating with your team. Our onboarding checklist ensures a quick ramp-up with proper communication channels in place from Day 1

Growing with You

Our account management and delivery teams engage with you and your roadmap to make sure we’re ready to scale and add new technologies as your business grows.

Our Leadership


Manny Montejano

President and CEO

Josh Tolman


Diego Anfossi

Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart


Matias Mazzucchelli


Julieta Paniego


Malena Garilli Garuti


“TradeHelm’s work on our website and our platform has made a significant different to our business. We’ve seen a 200% increase in quote requests from the website alone, which has been pretty astounding. TradeHelm’s work on the development of our platform has been masterful. In what has been truly a collaborative effort, they offer expertise and insight to deliver the best solution to each unique client and the requirements they demand.”

– Gavin Doughty, RespondAbility Founder and CEO

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