Automated testing frameworks streamline development iteration time by 95%


A large portion of CISION’s back-end infrastructure is composed of difficult-to-test web services, and automated testing suites only covered unit tests and functional GUI tests. Additionally, regression web services testing was performed manually – quite a time-consuming task.


TradeHelm’s quality assurance team implemented an automated test suite built on REST services. The framework for this test suite included real REST service interaction without having to rely on specific web service clients or tools. From here, a model was created for test creation, allowing manual testers and developers to easily write test scripts, and the framework was added to the Continuous Integration toolset.

Benefits + Results:

In the end, the time to run automated regression tests on a continuous integration server was reduced by 95%. After implementing the new testing framework, case creation time was reduced to only 30 minutes, and refactoring time required for web services post-testing cycle went down by 80%.


“TradeHelm has given us access to development talent that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford and has paired that with management suggestions and feedback that have been very helpful to us as we’ve had to make decisions about how best to grow our team and business. Their developers have done a great job of learning our product and business and we’ve been quite pleased with how our ‘near-shore’ experience has gone so far.”

– Matt Mitchell, Imagineer Technology Group

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